Sprouted Grains

One of the more common questions I get is about sprouted grains. So lets take a look at sprouted grains and how they are different from the grains we eat every day.

By now you understand that I don’t think that you shouldn’t be eating grains at all. While we are smart enough to figure out how to make grains into a food, they are not meant to be eaten by humans. Eating grains is the easiest way to increase your blood sugar and they contain all sorts of protections (such as lectins) that lead to inflammation and other problems in our bodies. Add to that the fact that most grains are processed (in the form of puffy cereals, donuts, and sugary breads) and you are left with a food that will only harm your body.

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What is Gluten?

Gluten is one of the major proteins found in wheat. Gluten is also found in other grains such as: spelt, kamut, triticale, barley, rye, and malts. But if you really want to avoid gluten you also have to look out for food additives as stabilizers, flavorings, or even thickening agents that contain gluten.

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Complete Guide to Gluten Free Flour

You have been diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance (also called sprue, gluten enteropathy or gluten-sensitive enteropathy), now what?

If you think your baking life is all over now that you can’t use traditional flours, think again. While gluten free flours certainly do take some time to learn to work with they are every bit as versatile as the gluten flours and usually come packed with extra nutrition to boot.

This gluten free flour guide can help you navigate the world of gluten free flours. I’ve included a brief description of the gluten free flours and a recipe or two to get you started.

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Top 10 Best Tips to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not as difficult as it is keeping the weight off (you probably know that). But keeping the weight off is not as big of a mystery as you might think. You really don’t have to resort to some crazy diet plan like eating only rice or grapefruit, you do (however) have to change what you are doing. Remember the definition of crazy is trying the same thing over and over but expecting new results. In order to lose weight you have to change what you are doing.

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Gluten Free

The term “gluten” comes from the Latin for “glue” and gluten is protein that makes wheat and other grains so great for cooking. You cannot have great bread that will rise without gluten or this glue that holds the grains together. Other grains such as rice can be made into breads, but they don’t have the consistency and light airy quality that bread that contain gluten have.

While gluten has its bad side (for people who are sensitive to it), it also has a good side. Farmers and food scientists actually engineered wheat to have more gluten because they thought that having a grain with high protein was better for our health and could possibly help with nutritional problems in lesser developed countries. Chefs also applauded the move to a higher gluten flour because that makes foods such as bread rise better.

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