Where Have My Cravings Gone?

One thing that you may have noticed if you have followed my advice and decided to increase the amount of fat and protein in your diet is that your cravings are gone (or at least decreased).

While you might be thinking, of course, fat makes you feel full (and you are right), but there is more going on here than you might realize and this has big implications on why you want to continue to eat the way you are eating.

Am I Really Hungry?

You probably know what hunger is, don’t you? It is that ache in your stomach and if you don’t eat soon, then thoughts of food becomes an obsession, where you have to get some food and you have to get it right now.

We’ve all seen those movies where someone is crawling across a desert, the sun is beating hard down on their head and the last bit of water they had was yesterday. Most people describe hunger in exact same way (only instead of craving water they are craving French fries, or a chocolate bar).

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but that is not hunger.

What you are experiencing is addiction. When you become obsessed, shaky, aggressive and anxious about not having food, then you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from an addiction.

As you move from eating a standard American diet to eating healthy, you have removed a lot of the foods that you are addicted to. But as so many addiction programs say: Once an addict, always an addict.

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