Why is No One Telling me Sugar is Harmful?

Most people believe that they are addicted to sugar and most people think that this addiction is harmful to their health. Have you ever wondered why most people believe that sugar is addictive and harmful, but most organizations don’t?

Sugar Harm

You would expect medical associations, those groups who are supposed to help us understand what is healthy and what is not, to have a stance on sugar. They actually do have a stance on sugar, but you are going to be surprised by what that stance is.

Before we get to medical associations, let’s stop by the sugar industry’s website (www.sugar.org) and see what they have to say about sugar:

Starting with its 1986 review of 1000 scientific papers, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Sugars Task Force in their report on “Evaluation of Health Aspects of Sugars contained in Carbohydrate Sweeteners” reported that “with the exception of dental caries, the scientific evidence clears sugars of links with other diseases including diabetes, hypertension, behavior and obesity.” <read more>

Do you believe that? According to the report cited by the Sugar Industry, sugar is not responsible for diabetes, high blood pressure, changes in behavior such as a “sugar high” or “sugar crash” and, sugar is not responsible for our growing obesity problem.

What is amazing is that many medical associations agree with the sugar industry. Look how the sugar industry quotes the American Diabetes Association:

According to the American Diabetes Association, sugar does not cause diabetes. Not only does sugar not cause diabetes but individuals with diabetes do not have to strictly avoid eating sugar according to the American Diabetes Association. <read more>

The reason why the sugar industry can quote medical associations is that they completely agree.

Let’s Look at the What the Medical Associations have to Say:

The American Dietetic Association, the association that trains and supports nutritional professionals and whose website is called www.eatright.org has this to say about sugar:

Although the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans don’t set a specific cap on sugar, if you consume foods in the proportions recommended for your particular calorie level, it’s tough to take in too much sugar<read more>

Hmm… Tough to take in too much sugar?  Maybe another association has better advice.

The American Diabetes Association, the association that should be telling diabetics how to eat, has this to say about sugar:

In the past, people with diabetes were warned to completely avoid sugar. Experts thought that eating sugar would rapidly increase blood glucose, resulting in levels that were too high. Some people even thought that eating sugar caused diabetes, an idea that we now know isn’t true. Research has shown that the total amount of carbohydrate affects blood glucose levels the most. But, the type of carbohydrate (e.g. sugar vs. starch) can also affect blood glucose levels. Learn more about the types of carbohydrate and the glycemic index. Now experts agree you can eat foods with sugar as long as you work them into your meal plan as you would any other carb-containing food. The same guidelines apply to other sweeteners with calories, including brown sugar, honey, and molasses… <read more>

These associations are way off when it comes to what they are suggesting we should eat. When asked about if sugar is an addiction, they would shrug this notion off as if you were crazy. But, many people know sugar is an addiction for them.

What you might be surprised to learn is that there is medical research that supports the fact that sugar is addictive and harmful, but for some reason the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetes Association and even the World Health Organization all seem to think there is not problem with the amount of sugar we eat.

Why these organizations haven’t recognized that sugar is a problem is a bit of a mystery, one I hope to unravel. Stay tuned and I will show you just how harmful sugar is and what you can do about it.


  1. Great article. It is nice to see some further investigation in to this. I think that these foundations simply must receive funding and support from big businesses that own sugar essentially. There is really no explanation otherwise. I doubt our country will ever pull sugar or cigarettes from the shelves but imagine what it would be like if they did? Don’t you think life and health would be so much simpler?

  2. I did not write the above ingredient right, it is High Fructose Corn Syrup, not just High Fructose. I guess there is a difference. Look for it in breads of all kinds, also bakery goods, and just aabout anything. Jellies. sharon

  3. I forgot to add the Corn Syrup to the high Fructose. Check it out, it is hard to get bread without it in there. I was surprized to see it there, and called Oro wheat about it, they also make about 7 breads that do not have it. The best bet for bread is Trader Joes bread and it is even a agood price. sharon

  4. Diabetes is the new Cash Cow, and they do not want anyone upsetting the apple cart.I have been hearing, and believe it, High Fructose is contributing to the Diabetes epedemic. It in almost everything we eat. We just might turn it all around it we get the right info. sharon

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