Why is Everything That Tastes Good Bad for You?

Why is it that everything that tastes good bad for you?

I’ve pondered this question a lot. My kids suggest that “they” should make broccoli taste good if they want people to eat it. And while I’m sure there is at least one scientist out there trying to make broccoli taste like cotton candy, I think that understanding how our taste buds work and what we can do to manipulate our tastes will go much farther to getting good foods on our plates than any genetically altered broccoli.

There are two reasons why foods that are good for you don’t also taste good. Let’s take a look.

Your Taste Buds Have Been Altered

The first reason why everything that is good for you tastes like cardboard is because your taste buds wouldn’t know real food if it came up and bit them. The question you have to ask yourself is who changed your taste buds? The quick answer to that question is : The food you eat. If you are like most people, the food you eat is all high in fat, sugar, chemicals, and salt and when you eat foods like that your taste buds change.

The easiest way to understand this is to imagine that everything you drink is either vodka or whiskey and you have only been drinking vodka or whiskey since you were a child. How do you think water would taste to you? When you are drinking a high-octane drink like hard alcohol for your whole life, your taste buds get used to it and everything else is going to taste bland and boring. The food most of us eat is exactly like that: it is so high octane that when we eat something real we feel that we are missing something.

Your Addictions Run Your Life

The second reason why everything that is good for us doesn’t taste good is that many of the foods you eat you are addicted to. Foods like sugar, milk and milk products, coffee and even meats all have addictive qualities to them. When you eat foods that you are addicted to it changes your brain and leaves you with a high. Broccoli will not do this. We are attracted to sugary-salty-fatty foods in ways that we aren’t attracted to carrots, apples and Brussels sprouts.

Read more about sugar addiction here: Are you addicted to sugar?

Double Whammy

When all the foods you are eating are super strong-tasting (like whiskey) then of course you are going to think that real and fresh foods taste like junk. But just as if you were drinking alcohol every day, your body is ruined by these foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt. If you add the mood-altering aspect of your food addictions and you are guaranteed to never put something fresh in your mouth.

What Can You Do?

While you probably don’t believe me, your tastes can change. The only way they are going to change, though is to stop eating foods high in sugar, fat and salt. All you need is a few weeks away from the super strong-tasting foods before your taste buds come back and you start enjoying the sweetness of foods like carrots or avocados (yes, these are sweet foods).

While it is difficult, you can do it (see my 30 Sugar Free Days Program for help) and once you make the transition from processed foods to real foods your taste buds will change back and you will find yourself enjoying foods like broccoli once again.


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  1. I’m so addicted to veggies.I guess because in my country fastfood chains came later when I was already adult.Before people could count only with crops they grow and a little cheese,bread and meat.And people were lining to get them waiting hours for only few items.My mother yold me there nothing else in the stores.Tge bread was from flour that wasn’t bleached and refined.I guess there us too many temptation now a days.But when we are used to natural food the unhealthy one doesn’t seem as appealing.

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