How to Break a Sweet Tooth Addiction

Want to learn how to break a sweet tooth addiction? That is easy.

Well it is easy to say (but actually very hard to do). If you have ever tried to stop eating sugar then you know just how hard it is and new research is showing us exactly why it is so hard to kick the white death out of our diets.

While you might have wrestled with your sweet tooth in the past, let me show you how you can knock it down and finally triumph over this pesky troublemaker.

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Sugar and Kids

Have you ever been in a grocery store looking at labels, trying to figure out something that your kids will eat and something that is good for them? Should you pick the snack you know they love to eat, or the one that is better for them but never makes it out of the pantry? Or should you choose fruit juice or soda?

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Endless Halloween: Children Eat their Weight in Sugar Every Year

While it is hard to believe, children are now eating their weight in sugar every year. Recent studies looking into the dietary habits of our children show that they are consuming more sugar than ever before and the main culprits are exactly what you might guess: soda and fruit juice. If typical, children – even small children – are eating 1/4 to 1/2 a pound of sugar a day for an average of around 100 pounds of sugar every year.

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